Welcome to Coventry Community Responders

Coventry Community Responders are a team of volunteers who are trained by the West Midlands Ambulance Service to a Nationally recognised level and provide life saving treatment to people in the Coventry & the surrounding areas.

Our volunteers attend 999 calls on behalf of West Midlands Ambulance Service. For this purpose, we purchased a 4×4 vehicle, which is equipped with all of the equipment needed to provide a rapid response and provide primary treatment to patients. We also attend calls from our home addresses, where Responders have individual equipment. Community First Responders are always backed up with the nearest available emergency ambulance.

When on scene the Community First Responder will assess the situation and provide treatment until the nearest available ambulance arrives. The speed of response we can proide is especially important for patients in Cardiac Arrest.

Many patients require urgent lifesaving care.  Cardiac Arrest patients are treated with a defibrillator and the sooner they receive that shock the higher the chance of a positive outcome.

In the case of Cardiac Arrest, every minute that passes decreases the chance of survival by approximately 10%, so a few minutes can make a huge difference and this is where Community First Responders come into their own. Coventry Community Responders currently have Responders living in all areas of the city, enabling us to maximise the coverage we can provide to patients.

Apart from the training provided by West Midlands Ambulance Service, Coventry Community Responders receive no statutory funding and therefore our only source of income is from voluntary donations. We do not have premises and have no staff costs as we all give up our time for free. Therefore every penny donated goes directly to helping saves lives in Coventry.

Coventry Community Responders are volunteers from all walks of life that hold down full time jobs. Between us we aim to be on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Coventry Community Responders attend a wide and varied range of calls that we have been trained for.

Our training includes

Cardiac Arrest

Heart Attack



Diabetic Emergencies

Trauma Emergencies