Schools and Community

In addition to providing emergency care to patients within the Coventry and Warwickshire area, we get involved with schools and community groups as often as we can.

We have attended numerous schools and taught the children basic first aid and basic life support.  The level of training clearly depends on the age group of the children. For younger pupils we focus on recognising danger and obtaining help. This can progress to learning the recovery position and then CPR.

We also offer free open training sessions to all. These sessions show basic first aid, basic life support (CPR) and the use of AED’s (Defibrillators). AED’s are now common-place in all large shopping centres and more and more public areas.

We believe that defibrillators should be placed in all schools. We are working with local schools to try to achieve this objective. Whilst we are not in a position to fund defibrillators for all schools, we can assist by offering free training to staff and by obtaining defibrillators at a reduced rate. Our most recent placement was at President Kennedy School. Their community department and pupils raised the money with a series of events. We then obtained the defibrillator and provided free training.

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